Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians and Muslims are taught not to deal in Riba. For a Detailed Study on Prohibition of Riba in All World Religions and Philosophies please Click Here


Building Bridges Between People of Different Faiths to Prosperity and Cooperation Through Riba/Ribbit-Free Financial and Banking Services.


Riba (in Qur’aan/Islam) or Ribbit (in the Old Testament) is the act of RENTING the USE OF MONEY at a Price called Interest Rate. This concept of Renting the ‘Use of Money” is the origin of the word “Usury!” in contrast to today’s definition of “Usury” as excessive rate.

In Juaism, Christianity and Islam (and other faiths) renting the use of MONEY is prohibited.

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ALL ISLAMIC BANKS APPLYING Riba-Free Banking Policies Did Not Invest in Speculative Subprime Mortgages

Greed is Evil!, Credit is a Human Right, The Best of People are Those Who are Most Beneficent to Others, We Should NOT Rent Money and We Should Not Do Business with Socially Irresponsible Activities and Entities(e.g. Liquor Stores, unfair businesses, pornography, polluters and the like.) Making Money on Money Without Investing in a Tangble Asset may Border on Speculation and Gambling. Money is a Measuring Device, It is a Thing. The Use of Money Cannot be Rented. It ONLY can be Invested. The Success of that Investment is NOT Interest but the Rate of Return on Investment. IT IS ALL ABOUT PRUDENCE IN INVESTING and HONORING THE TRUST OF OUR DEPOSITORS & INVESTORS. IT IS ABOUT THE ETHICS OF DEALING WITH PEOPLE & THE RESPONSIBILITY OF BUILDING AND CARING FOR COMMUNITIES.

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Riba-Free Islamic Bankers are Required by Their Faith and Beliefs and are Expected to Adhere to the Strict codes of the Quraan, the Traditions of all God's Prophets including Prophets Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (S).

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Gold and Silver were the foundations of Pricing, for example, Market Zakah and Dowery (Marriage Gift to the Spouce.) Many Central Banks & Th Feds Still refer to Gold as a Reference Standard. For More Details Please Click Here


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